Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blogging vs Journaling

Lots of great new costuming blogs have been created today. Why? I think the timing is all about the online blogging discussion started at the Williamsburg Symposium and because Katherine did it. She is a pioneering rockstar after all. :> All the privacy issues with LJ last year and a large bailing to Dreamwith probably haven't helped either.

I'm most definitely not leaving LJ. However I firmly believe blogging is the wave of the future in the costuming world, just as forums were more or less replaced with online journals/dress diaries. I think LJ still has a place (it still provides the best format for commenting, discussion, conversation, networking and relationship building) But there are advantages to the blog format too. It especially good for keeping an online record of costumes, especially as people move away from time consuming static websites. I think there is room for both, at least that is my hope.


  1. Welcome to the blog side - we have cookies!

    But seriously, since I use Blogger myself, I like it how those whose Live Journals I follow, one by one, come over here. It's most convenient, for me!

    I hope you'll feel at home :)

  2. Oooh cookies! :>

    Thanks so much for the welcome! So far I'm liking it here... especially on the days LJ is down!

  3. I have been keeping LJ along with the blog for a year and a half and been thinking to and fro if I should ditch one. I don't know if I will do it, I'm dithering at the moment, but I may move away from LJ.