Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Virginia Ren Faire

My outing to the Virginia Ren Faire Saturday was hot but fun!

I wore the 1560s Florentine dress that I made last fall (aka the Pink Italian). I replaced the lacing rings with hand bound eyelets, which made a huge difference in how it fit. Eyelets are definitely the way to go, especially if you don't want your foundation garment to show. I also changed my under garment from the reed stiffened Effigy Stays to the hemp stiffened corded bodice. Despite the gown being fitted over the Effigy stays it actually fits better and is more flattering over the hemp cored bodice. Who knew?

I hadn’t been to the VA Faire in 5-6 years and it has definitely grown! Isabella and I had no particular plan, other than a goal to not come home with a sunburn, so we wondered about, nibbled on goodies, browsed the shops, listened to great music, did the wine tasting (the Faire is on the Lake Anna Winery property) and people-watch('cause Ren faires are all about the people watching) - it was fun!

The best part of the day was when Isabella decided to get her hair braided, the hair braiding tent being right next to the Winery booth. There was a bit of a wait so I got a glass of wine and we settled back for people watching and entertainment (from the stage across the path). We got lots of compliments on our frocks - my two favorites being told that we "were so pretty and well wholesome!" (at a Ren Faire I'll take that as a compliment!) and being told by the decked-out-in-pink Elizabethan fop that I looked better in pink than he did (I think he was right!). Hee. We also had a quick summer rain shower, which was actually rather nice. Getting wet on such a hot day was a good thing and it cooled things off for a bit.

So all in all a fun day - thanks for suggesting it Isabella!! I didn't take many pics at the faire but they are here along with some pictures I took in my yard.

VA Ren Faire Album

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