Wednesday, June 29, 2011

that was easy

So the debate with myself over what to do about my olive/rust anglaise fabric shortage issue is over - a round gown it is! All it took was some draping on Narcissa and I was sold.

The coordinating brown petticoat is no where as nifty looking. So what if you can't polonaise a roundgown. It's a compromise in design I can SO live with when the alternative is that pretty.


It's going to totally need some huge headwear though. I'm thinking a frilly cap inspired by Sarah & Kendra (those tow have so much to answer for!). I really want a ginormous black Gainsbourgh but I'm not sure I'm feeling up to the challenge of getting it to LA. We'll see.


  1. Yay! Gotta love it when things suddenly fall into place.

    I know it's supposed to be rust and green, but on my computer the "rust" stripes look chocolate-brown. The first time I saw your fabric, I thought, "Mmmm...chocolate mints!" Hee.

    God bless, and happy sewing,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  2. Yeah the fabric photographs funny. In person the rust is more orangey and the green is darker. Oh well! I have a talent for picking out fabrics that look great on me but don't photograph well! :P