Monday, April 16, 2012

GBACG Last Dinner on the Titanic

The GBACG Titanic Dinner on Saturday was amazing! It was one of the most magical costuming events I've ever had the privlege of attending. The venue was goregous, the food very tasty indeed, the live band such fun and the company completely fabulous.

The evening inculded the gentlemen at my table standing whenever a lady stood (squee!), couples dancing the Castle Walk to Too Much Mustard (I love that tune!), a very touching toast at the hour that the ship sank (thanks to the time differance it was right as we finished our meal) and some lovely conversations with friends and strangers alike in the drawing room after dinner.

I spent much of the evening just observing and trying to soak up the atmosphere, while squeeing inside of course. It was truely a night to remember. :>

I didn't take too many pics (too busy enjoying the moment) but I did manage to take a few videos:

And the photos:
Richard Man


  1. What a beautiful event! And I ADORE the videos, it really felt like the era was brought to life!

    1. The videos make me happy too - I knew at the time mere words would never capture the evening. Yay for cameras that take videos! :>

  2. Oh I am thoroughly jealous! :) It looks like it was a fabulous evening - the setting, the clothes, the music *dreamy sigh*.

    1. I feel so blessed that I was able to go, it really was fabulous!

  3. Looks lovely. If Rose's mother had been there she would have told everyone, "Sit up straight! Elbows off the table!". LOL