Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 in review

I haven't done a costume recap in ages but it seems the thing to do this year so here we go!

My 2014 was a huge roller coaster ride of real life dramas and challenges as I finished cosmetology school, turned 35 and started down the path of my new career. In between all that craziness I traveled, reconnected with friends, hostessed, rearranged the house and so much more. How I managed to get any costuming done I'll never know but I did.

The list isn't very long but considering my lack of time and Real Life distractions it's surprising deep and full of quality - garments I'm truly proud of and that I loved wearing. I'm at point in my costuming career where costuming happiness or success can't be measured in the length of my completed list or how many events I went to (and made a new outfit for). It's just not my lifestyle or my desire anymore. Its all about joy now, joy in being creative, joy in spending time with great people and joy in a project well done. And joy in feeling like a Pretty, Pretty Princess of course. Hey maybe I'm getting pretty good at this grown-up balancing act after all! Well except for the taking pictures and blogging part. I need to work on that in 2015.


Birthday Dress
A robe Robe Parée cut in the style of a robe à l'Anglaise. Because big birthdays need lots of sequins and champagne. It's a rare and wonderful thing when a costume actually fulfills all your original visions and comes out just as you wanted it to. This is one of those costumes. *Sigh*


Birthday Jacket
I threw this together at the last minute, having spent all my focus on the birthday dress and Bridget's Chemise gown. Oh and sitting for my Cosmetology license. You know little things like that. A wool petticoat with a cotton velvet jacket. In the end it's not my favorite nor the most flattering thing I made in 2014. Oh well, it did what it needed to do for the event and it was fun to give my Big Green Hat another wearing.


Bridget's Black Chemise รก la Reine
This is just about the only picture I have of Bridget's black Chemise á la Reine, which is a shame becasue it's really pretty and I worked really hard on it. Merh.


Blue Banyan
And yet another costume I have no decent photos of. I know - I suck. It's totally getto-fabulous constuction-wise but it's finished! I've only been meaning to make this for 4 years...


Roman Costume
I'll admit it, this was a total cheater-closet costume, but I loved wearing it. A Ross-Dress-For-Less dress, a length of silk chiffon and lots of gold jewelry. Really it was an excuse to do the hair. Because I needed that hair!


Purple Francaise
A hair-raising up to the last minute project and with only about 30% of it's planned trimming attached - I'm never the less proud of this frock. The fit is darn good and while far from perfect it's not anywhere as Ghetto-Fabulous as my first Française. In fact there is a lot of finishing/construction work that makes me quite happy with myself. You'll be seeing more of this dress in 2015. (And I mean "more" in every sense of the word!)


1790s Pleated Yellow Over-Robe

Finished in the first week of the new year, I'm so proud of this robe. It's about 90% hand-sewn (a first for me!) and a joy to wear. Despite having worn it twice I don't really have good photos of it, clearly something I need to fix in 2015. Oh darn I'll have to wear it again, what a shame.



  1. While I have never done any costuming and likely won't do much I really appreciate that you share your beautiful work. Thank You, for sharing and congrats on your cosmetology exam!

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement and kind words!

  2. While I admire everything you make, the birthday dress (which I must have missed if you have blogged about it before) really is something special! Absolutely amazing! My compliments on a fruitful year regarding both costuming and education (and sorry if it's a bit personal, but: 35? Are you sure you didn't add quite a few years to that one..?).