Thursday, July 7, 2011

pleats & plan "d" dresses

Despite my radio silence I have been sewing in-between Real Life (TM), holidays and commission work.

So I spoke a little too soon with the olive/rust anglaise pleats. When I went to properly pin them down, in preparation to stitching them, there was some weird bunching and odd angles at the point. Merh. I decided the fact that I was trying to use a straight length of fabric for a dramatic point might be the culprit so I took out the pleats, cut a point in my fabric and carried on. I ended up having to make multiple cuts to get it right but in the end I got it to where I was content. (Did I mention my perfectionism has a very love/hate relationship with tiny pleats?)

So the back pleats are now stitched down and the front pleats pinned. A waistband & hem and I have a wearable dress but I needed to switch focus for a couple of days...

I'm hosting a Regency card party on the 16th and despite having a closet full of lovely things I could wear I want something new. Silly Jenny.

Thanks to various fabric issues I'm now on plan "D" with this outfit. Oy! So I'm using my Lizzie Dress pattern and some red striped poly (shh!) chiffon to make what I've lovingly dubbed the " Candy Cane Dress". It's not the dress I originally wanted to make but I’m trying to use the stash and I had less fabric than I thought. So I'm crossing fingers that I will like it when it's done. I'm a bit skeptical to be honest but at least the construction is going really fast. In fact I'm hoping to have it finished today!


  1. Oooh, stripes...! And a card party!

    I'm impressed with your pleats for the skirts, I always think, when I sew: "NEXT time, I'll make sure the pleats are really tiny and neat. But for now, this'll have to do..."

  2. I love stripes! I think both dresses look lovely. And I'm excited to hear about your card party! You seem to always throw such fabulous fetes!