Sunday, October 23, 2011

bad blogger

*hangs head in shame*

Yes I know I have dreadfully neglected this blog lately but well life has not been horribly friendly lately and while I've been dealing with illness, poison oak and other dramas plus everyday life not much has been going on in the costuming department. And so nothing to blog about. *sigh*

I feel like I'm getting my feet back under me though and am finally getting back to some fun sewing. The break was nice in some ways but I really have missed it. Costuming is my happy place...

I do have a new toy for costuming events though - an SRL camera! I came home from Costume College determined to move on from a point and click - my little p&c is fine but very limiting and I found myself using the SRLs of my costuming buddies more than my own camera throughout the weekend. So I took the plunge into SRL land.

So far I'm really happy with it (it even takes video!) although at some point I'll need to get another lens for better low-lighting shots. I'm really excited to learn more and lucky for me one of my best friends is a professional photographer who wants to learn how to sew. So we are trading photography lessons for sewing lessons - bartering rocks! :>

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